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Happy Emmy Awards Eve!

Yes, that’s right, due to scheduling conflicts with the NFL and MTV’s Video Music Awards, the Emmy Awards got booted to Monday night.

Does it seem fair that football and the VMAs won the battle, or that the solution was a Monday night telecast? No. Unfortunately our vote doesn’t count.

Don’t worry, we won’t let that spoil our fun, or deprive us of a prediction post Sunday. So, here they are, a whole 24 hours (plus) in advance, 2WC’s 2014 Emmy Award predictions:

Outstanding Comedy Series:


  • Will Win: “Orange is the New Black” — It’s new, it’s edgy, and it’s Netflix.  I question its placement in the Comedy Series category, but I can’t imagine any of the other nominees will be able to beat that combination.
  • Should Win: “Modern Family” — Going into its sixth season, “Modern Family” continues to deliver genuinely funny episodes week after week.


  • Will Win: “Orange is the New Black”—This show will change the way you think about many things, including how you define comedy. It’s a great show, truly.
  • Should Win: “Orange is the New Black”

Outstanding Drama Series:


  • Will Win: “Breaking Bad” — It’s hard to beat a really good show, in its final season.  It will be a real upset if “Breaking Bad” doesn’t go home with this award.
  • Should Win: “Breaking Bad” — This hit series managed to do the impossible, complete a final season that seems to be universally loved.  If that doesn’t make them the best Drama, I don’t know what does.


  • Will Win: “Breaking Bad”—It’s hard to imagine anyone stealing this final honor from this incredibly popular show.
  • Should Win: “True Detective”—…but if anyone does, it will be this instant hit. Personally, I’d like to see “Game of Thrones” win, just to mix things up.

Outstanding Mini-Series:


  • Will Win: “Fargo” — Considering it’s based on a movie, it’s hard to imagine that this mini-series is “original,” but it is.  In a way that’s similar to what “American Horror Story” did in its first season, this series stretches the comfort zone of television viewers.
  • Should Win: “Fargo” — Thanks to some compelling storytelling, and an excellent cast (Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton) this one actually deserves to win, too.


  • Will Win: “Fargo”—The debut season of this FX mini series was pretty much perfect from beginning to end, and totally deserving of this probably win.
  • Should Win: “American Horror Story: Coven”—I can’t help it, I’d love some girl power to take home the statuette. Yes, the season finale was a little lame, but the journey was fantastic.

Outstanding Television Movie:


  • Will Win: “Sherlock” — If you haven’t seen this series, you’re missing out on one of the best series on television today.  Go and watch it now.  Seriously.  It’s on Netflix.
  • Should Win: “Sherlock” — though technically a television series, not a made for tv movie.  If this will win it the Emmy, I’m willing to overlook this technicality.


  • Ditto, “Sherlock,” is awesome. Go watch it…now…seriously.

Outstanding Variety Series:


  • Will Win: “The Colbert Report” — I’m not sure this needs much explanation, but if you insist  — it’s because it’s Stephen Colbert.
  • Should Win: “The Colbert Report” — Let’s face it, this is Stephen Colbert’s year.  There’s a reason that Colbert was chosen to succeed David Letterman, and that’s the same reason “The Colbert Report” will win tonight.


  • Will Win: “The Daily Show” or “The Colbert Report”—Let’s face it, the award may as well be renamed for the two programs, and they are totally deserving of it.
  • Should Win: “The Tonight Show: Starring Jimmy Fallon”—How exciting would this be?


…bi-daily smile…

Lest we forget, the end of an era. RIP “True Blood”:

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