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monsters-inc-7If your take away from Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.” was, this scream technology could go somewhere. Well then I assume that you’re behind the experimental smartphone that converts noise to battery power. 

Yes, the technology works off of any background noise, but just think how much faster  your phone will juice up if you’re screaming at it.

So, next time you see someone screaming obscenities at their phone, don’t make any sudden movements and slowly walk away. This technology is still in the experimental phase. That person is just angry and crazy.

Even though we’ll still have a while to wait for the convenience of charging our phones with shrill tones. I think we all know what this means.

Pixar’s predicting our future. It starts with the scream technology. Then, our toys realize that their secret lives don’t have to be secret if they take out their human overlords (Toy Story). That of course leads to our driverless cars, planes, boats, and all other vehicles coming to a similar conclusion (Cars). This forces those humans left to flee the planet on our giant space cruise ships (Wall-E). Then, many years later humanity eventually returns to find that those animals that survived have developed humanistic qualities (Ratatouille and A Bugs Life). Brave of course is a prequel to this epic tale.

Well, at least we have the culinary rodents to look forward to human kind. Good luck.


TIME: Screaming at Your Phone Might Charge It Someday

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