…carpe diem

mrs-doubtfire-guitarThe human spirit is a resilient thing. We can forget that sometimes, and when the world loses someone who’s touched as many spirits as Mr. Robin Williams it can feel wrong to move on from that loss too soon, even for those of us (which is most of us) who knew him only through the films and shows that made us laugh, think, and sometimes cry, but mostly smile.RIP Robin Williams

We each have our favorite Robin Williams movie moment, our over-quoted line (I’ve been known to wax “Dead Poets Society” and “Hook” from time to time), and right now we’re all sharing those moments like crazy as we send our grief out into the social media universe, and that’s a wonderful tribute in its own right (much like the top trending topics flooding Twitter right now).

Just remember to remember the joy. The joy that the many talents of Robin Williams brought the world can be boiled down to one though—live in the moment. That’s all you have so take it, and for Christ’s sake, have fun with it. That’s the whole point.


Huffington Post: Robin Williams And The ‘O Captain’ Scene That Inspired A Generation

…bi-daily smile…

R.I.P. Mr. Williams:

This is everyone’s favorite Mrs. Doubtfire scene, right?


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  1. OMC says:

    Mork would agree with your sentiments, 2WC…


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