Google is once again pushing the envelope with its latest project — creating the perfect human being.

Okay, so maybe “create” isn’t the right word, this latest “really?” Google project, is more about research than actually building something.

Called the Baseline Study, Google will collect  genetic and molecular information from 175 people (to start).

The point of collecting all this anonymous, and (hopefully) knowingly provided data, is to create what the a complete picture of what a healthy human being should be.

If you’re wondering what a company that started as a search engine is doing delving into a health science project, well most of us stopped questioning the randomness of Google’s projects after they rolled out the self-driving car (although technically, it rolled itself out).

Between self-driving cars, Google Glass, and this new “health” project, we can only assume that Google is creating a cyborg army.


More on the Story: Wall Street Journal

…just for fun:

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  1. OMC says:

    Trust them, they’re just a bunch of cool nerds (oxymoron?) trying to help us all out while collecting every shred of information about our personal lives, our families, our friends, our health…what could possibly go wrong???


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