Well folks, it’s been quite a Summer of Blockbusters. We’ve seen some great ones, some mediocre ones, and some downright upsetting ones. This week, I’m bringing you one that’s not technically a blockbuster, but a great summertime movie with a blockbuster cast.

“Chef” is the stuff of every movie-loving foodies’ dream. Written, directed, and starring Jon Favreau this small but star-studded movie is the perfect pause from the Hollywood heavyweights of summer.

So, sit back and enjoy this blockbuster break:

Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) was kind of a big deal a few years back. He was praised for his culinary vision and lauded as a rising star. But like I said, that was a few years back.

Now, he’s stuck in a restaurant that loves his classics, but with a boss (Dustin Hoffman) who won’t let him think outside his box, professionally speaking. Personally speaking, he’s separated from his wife (Sofia Vergara) and perpetually breaks promises to his son (Emjay Anthony).

Add a bad review from a sharp-tongued food critic (Oliver Platt) and a general misunderstanding of how Twitter works to the mix, and Chef Casper finds himself unemployed and the pariah of the culinary world.

With few options left to him, Casper finally follows advice that his ex-wife gave him ages ago, and gets a food truck. What follows is a beautiful and mouth-watering, culinary journey across this wonderfully diverse country of ours.

“Chef” is a celebration of food, family, social media, and rediscovering a passion for life.

Oh yes, I said social media. Twitter and Vine are featured heavily throughout the movie as Casper’s son documents the summer and quietly rebuilds his father’s reputation with some (rather ingenious for a ten-year-old) social media marketing. There are some missteps made (namely a few tweets that ultimately lead to Casper’s termination early on in the film), but the medium is generally celebrated. It’s a love letter (with a little bit of tutorial) to Twitter, and I loved it.

Finally, a word of warning for those who plan on seeing this wonderful movie (and I assume this is all of you).

Go see this movie, bring your friends, but don’t bring your appetite.

I cannot possibly overstate this: Eat before you see this movie. Never has it been so vital that the word order of “dinner and a movie” be taken literally.

I’m not saying that I made the mistake of not eating enough before this movie, but I am saying that I started to wonder if my movie neighbor would notice if I started eating their popcorn.


…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    so, Hollywood is asking me to believe Sofia Vergara has been married to Jay Pritchett and now Carl Casper…struggling with that one…


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