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Tomorrow, the summer of blockbusters continues with a monster of a movie — “Godzilla.”

It’s been 60 years since the terrible lizard first left its mark on the silver screen, and yet film makers are still fascinated by his story. Or at least the studios are interested in how much money it can make them.

Since Godzilla first terrorized Tokyo, he has appeared in 28 films. That’s a lot of screen time for a giant lizard with a knack for knocking down buildings.

So what is it about this mutant monster that we find so fascinating?

It could be the big societal and cultural issues that Godzilla calls into question.

In recent adaptations, Godzilla has evolved into a sympathetic character, a symbol of our environmental impact, and a very real consequence of our actions. Nothing says stop polluting (or testing nuclear weapons) quite like a 350-foot lizard crashing through a skyscraper.

Or maybe we just like watching Godzilla destroy things.

Whatever the reason, this newest adaptation has a lot to live up to.
More on the Story: Forbes

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  1. OMC says:

    I knew my pet lizard hadn’t moved to “the farm”…


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