…drone on

Use your words.

Just when we thought selfies couldn’t get any better, someone thought to have a drone take the picture for them.

Having someone or something else take the picture of you makes the selfie, by definition, not a selfie anymore, but that’s getting into semantics, and there is a far more pressing semantic issue at hand. They’ve come up with a name for these drone snapshots: dronies.

Cute, right?

At this point I can deal with the fact that this takes the narcissism of selfies and adds an extra layer of laziness while handing over even more power to the machine, but did we have to give it a cute name?

Does it have to have  a singular term? Can’t we use words that already exist? We have lots of those.

How about robot photography? No, stop it. I can already hear you shortening it to robography.

Let’s just call it what it is, the next step towards a world run by our cyborg overlords. I hope the dronies were worth it kids.


Slate: If You Thought Selfies Were Bad You’re Gonna Really Hate Dronies

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    having just returned from a meeting where I hold a position of authority/leadership, I can’t tell you how much more reserved I feel forced to be due to the omnipresent cameras and video recorders – and I’m dull and reserved by nature!!! The cyborg overlords may give up on getting anything incriminating on me…


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