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Art is a  subjective thing. What’s beautiful and existential to one might look like a blank canvas to another (and anyone with eyes really). 

Technology has taken art to places that only the most the minds that have taken us there could have imagined, but the message is still subjective.

For example, some might see the Conversnitch, a lightbulb created by two artists which listens in on surrounding conversations and tweets some of what it overhears, as brilliant commentary on the lack of privacy in the modern age. Others might get paranoid.

Those of you out there who take after Brick Tamland in your love of lamp, might want to rethink your affections, but before you go checking every light fixture you come across and potentially blinding yourself in the process you should know that the creators of this device will not admit to using the tech illegally.

Wait, that probably doesn’t make it better. Well, take comfort in the fact that it’s supposed to make you uncomfortable. At the very least, it certainly is a conversation piece, as is every lamp in your general vicinity, potentially. You’ve been warned.


Slate: This Light Bulb Is Listening

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    Big brother is watching…listening…reading…and illuminating???


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