…tell a story worth telling

Tonight, after a nine-season run, television’s “How I Met Your Mother” will come to an end. To say that expectations are high is an understatement. Fans are expecting nothing less than legendary, as befits the story these 9 seasons have told.

We began with Ted, sitting his kids down to tell the story of how he met their mother, we end as he finally gets to the point. It’s been a nine-year story, full of tangents, extraneous details, and general awesomeness (thank you to all who just saluted).

Could the story have been told in less time? Yes, if this were real-time the kids could have finished graduate school by now, but then think of the fun we would’ve missed. We never would have experienced the slap bet (and the resulting Slapsgiving), seen a cockamouse fly, learned the importance of suiting-up, or obsessed over what in the world the pineapple means.

Life is in the details, and a great story includes all of them. It’s been a wild ride, and tonight as we reach the final destination, I just want to say, thank you for the story HIMYM. It was legen…wait for it…dary.


…bi-daily smile…

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