…spring clean

2WC Pop ArtBelieve it or not, spring started this week, whether you woke up to snow this morning (seriously, Chicago) or not. For many spring is a time for ignoring your crumbling bracket (don’t want to talk about it), and rejuvenation. Yes, we’re talking about spring cleaning.

Here at 2WC we thought we’d take this opportunity to clean out and update our 2WC Approved page. The Summer Blockbuster season is just around the corner, with some gun jumpers coming out in April (we’re talking to you, Captain America), and it’s time for us to get our house in order.

For those who haven’t yet visited this mecca of arts and entertainment recommendations from yours truly, now is the time (in case you missed the first link: 2WC Approved).

We don’t want to give too much away, but here are some of our pop culture favorites of the moment:

Zer — “Guardians of the Galaxy” — This summer is packed with blockbusters, but none of them are quite as intriguing as Guardians.  As a fan of the comic book movie genre, I’m hoping this one continues the string of Marvel’s “B Team” hits:

Stephanie — “Veep” — This hilarious comedy from HBO is not only incredibly funny, but a fantastic commentary on how the world treats and perceives women in powerful roles. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is witty, smart, and downright wonderful in this half-hour comedy. You’ll benefit from watching the first two seasons before jumping into the third this spring, but it’s not necessary to enjoy this show’s brilliance. Love it.

We’ve updated all of our content for a brand new season. Film, television, seasonal shares, you name it we’ve got it. So, while the weather may not have caught up with the seasons, we won’t let that stop us.


…bi-daily smile…

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