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"MUPPETS MOST WANTED" This weekend, the future of the United States national security hangs in the balance.

Why?  You might ask.

Is there some meeting of great diplomats?  Has some foreign threat been made?   Is there another election, that you were completely unaware of?No, on all three counts, this threat is much closer to home, and that home is the swamp (for one of them, at least).

Yes, Kermit and friends have thrown the United States under the international-diplomacy  bus.

Warning:  a great deal of sarcasm is about to follow.

And for what?  A chance to build on the success of their 2011 hit “The Muppets,” and fully restore the Muppets former glory.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the sequel to “The Muppets”, “Muppets Most Wanted,” hit theaters this weekend, and is teeming with jokes made at the expense of our European allies and frenemies.

The European work habits, and vacation-taking lifestyle is the butt of a few jokes.  Plus a good portion of the movie takes place in a Siberian prison, but to be fair, it’s a nice one with a really strong theater program based on the number of song and dance numbers that the inmates perform.

Of course the most blatant slight comes in the form of a Russian frog who doesn’t like to wear a shirt, I think we all know who that character is based on.  Given the current situation in Crimea, it seems a little insensitive, Muppets.  

We can only hope the President Putin, and his advisers, are too busy this weekend to make it to the cinema.


More on the Story: NY Times

…just for fun:

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  1. OMC says:

    when the Muppets are the most cutting-edge political satire available, we’ve become a bit too vanilla…


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