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Amateur astronomers of the world, NASA may have a job for you. NASA announced its “Asteroid Data Hunter” today at the South by Southwest conference.

NASA is looking for citizen scientists to help locate asteroids that could pose a threat to earth.

Before you get any fancy ideas about breaking out that old telescope, you should know that entrants will compete to create algorithms that can improve the images captured by telescopes.

So if your only qualification is your pre-teen astronomy phase, well, you might want to pass on this opportunity.

However, if you are qualified, NASA is paying $35,000 to the winner.

That may sound like a low price to pay for potentially saving the world, but I’m sure other perks will follow…assuming you’re algorithm actually works…of course.

More on the Story: TIME

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  1. OMC says:

    $35,000 for an algorithm that will improve the clarity of images from high-powered telescopes – seems like perhaps this would be a worthwhile position to pay a full-time salary for, not run a box tops contest…


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