12-years-a-slave-posterThis past Tuesday, the New York Times pushed the boundaries of the old saying “better late than never,” when they issued a correction to an article that was published over 160 years ago (see the correction here: NY Times).

So what article was so important that not only was it read all these years later, but the Times also felt compelled to right their wrong?

It’s none other than the winner of this years’ Oscar for Best Picture. More specifically, the man most responsible for the success of “12 Years a Slave,” —- Solomon Northup…or as the Times knows him, Northrup…as well as Northrop.

Yes, they weren’t even consistent with their incorrect spelling of the man’s name. The headline and the body have completely different spellings. misspelled his name twice.

However, some credit is due. It may have taken 160 years, and an Oscar to get it right, but they did correct it. Plus, they can take comfort in the fact that they were light years closer to the correct spelling than John Travolta would have been (for those who are curious, Mr. Travolta refers to Mr. Northup as Sebastian Nicheems).


More on the Story: CBS News

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  1. OMC says:

    I realize journalistic standards are evolving (devolving), but when Danny Zuko becomes the standard for spelling “closeness”… (I’ve got more Travolta references when the opportunity arises…)


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