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20140218-181000.jpgToday I’m faced with a difficult task. I must find a way to bridge between 2WC’s coverage of the Olympic Games and our countdown to the Oscars, which begins tomorrow. Here’s hoping I’m up to this segue challenge:

As I’m sure you all know, Olympic history was made just a few nights ago when American ice dancing darlings, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, won the first ever gold for team U.S.A. in the event. It was a magical performance and a classic Olympic moment.

So, naturally, the fairness of the scoring is being called into question. It’s even been given a fun scandalous title, “Skategate.”

Of course, scandal surrounding the scoring of ice dancing and figure skating is nothing new. Let’s face it, the subjectivity of the sport will always leave someone dismayed.

Can’t we all just agree that both the Americans and Canadians were pretty fantastic? Probably not. Thus is the nature of subjective analysis.

Speaking of subjectivity…You know what else is subjective? Movie reviews.

Check back tomorrow for Day 1 of our Countdown to Oscar, featuring Zer’s review of “Philomena.”

Now, that, was a transition!


CBS: “Skategate” judging questions surround U.S. ice dancing win

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    smooth…like a sheet of ice just after the Zamboni finishes up…


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