Happy Anniversary Facebook!

Yes, today the social media site that started it all (sorry myspace et al, but you know it’s true) celebrates the big 1-0.

In some ways, it’s hard to believe it has been that long. It seems like just yesterday that I received my invite to join. Yes, that’s right, you had to be invited. Not only that, you had to have a university email address.

And back then we checked our accounts on our laptops. We didn’t have these fancy tablets and smartphones.

In other ways, it seems like it has always been there. Just think about all the words that are part of the modern vernacular because of Facebook.
You may not even associate them with Facebook anymore, that’s how engrained they are:

  • friend – it wasn’t always a verb.
  • unfriend – wasn’t even a word before, and still arguably not.
  • like – carries both more and less meaning than it use to.
  • Some might argue that Facebook is on its way out, after all, there are plenty of other shiny new social media sites now. In spite of its many obstacles, like that time when users didn’t like the changes, and then got over it. Or that other fifty (or so) times when the same thing happened, and then we got over it.

    Anyways, the point is, people still keep on coming back.

    So happy anniversary, Facebook! Here’s to another ten world-changing years.
    More on the Story: Washington Post
    …just for fun:

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    1. OMC says:

      I think this “inter-web” thingy is just a passing fad…I loaded up on Forever stamps in anticipation of the coming inter-webageddon…


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