…Count Down(ton)

Dearest Lords, Ladies, and the rest of you,

The day has arrived!

It’s now mere hours (as you can see on the lovely unofficial countdown to the left) until American audiences return to the halls of Downton.

Last year’s collection of losses, the result of tragic circumstances and expired contracts, left us all with a lot of questions. Now we can at last see them answered. At least the ones that haven’t been answered via social media posts from across the pond, where the fourth series in its entirety has already aired.

But we digress. Today is not for rehashing old arguments, it is for enjoying the anticipation of a brand new season of Downton.

As we countdown the final hours to Downton, here are some of our biggest burning questions about season four. If you haven’t finished season three, consider this your official *spoiler alert*:


  • How will Lady Mary deal with the death of Matthew?
  • Building on that last question….who will Mary’s new love interest or interests be?
  • With O’Brien’s rumored and confirmed departure from Downton, who will replace her as Thomas’ partner in crime?


  • Just how adorable is the (slightly inbred) off-spring of Mary and Mathew? Spoiler alert: His name is George, Will & Kate totally named their child after the Downton baby.
  • When are Carson and Mrs. Hughes finally going to happen? It’s inevitable and let’s face it, this is the romance that we all tune in for.
  • What ever happened to that thrilling plot with the amnesic Canadian cousin? Oh Mr. Fellowes, I think sometimes you forget yourself…and then wisely forget ridiculous (and seriously weak) plot points.

Now, we have to but sit and wait for the story to unfold. In a few hours we will begin the journey which our UK brethren began many months ago (and most definitely did not leak online), and what a journey it will be…


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…just for fun:

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  1. OMC says:

    I Only Watch Because My Wife Does…


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