It’s a good time for girls in the movies, this last weekend “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “Frozen” (review coming soon) took the top two spots at the box office.

Of course, female representation in the film industry and in powerful (non-bitchy…for lack of a better word) lead roles still has a ways to go, but we’ll take the Girl on Fire and the Snow Queen for now.

And by take I mean gloat. I mean this glorious female film coup could have happened any weekend, but it didn’t. It happened during one of the biggest film weekends of the year, Thanksgiving weekend.

These two-gloriously girl-powered stories could have beat out any other movies, but they didn’t. They beat out the testosterone loaded “Thor: The Dark World” (which I love, but in the battle of the sexes sides must be chosen, and difficult decisions must be made).

All of these facts just make this cinematic step for woman-kind that much sweeter. So savor this moment ladies, it won’t last, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” is coming. Have you ever seen a lady dwarf?

Still, maybe, just maybe this weekend is a sign of things to come. A girl can dream.


TIME: Catching Fire and Frozen: Wake Up Call on Women in Hollywood

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    I was prepared to make pithy remarks re: girl power, but you threw me off the case with your “have you ever seen a female dwarf?” remark…no, I haven’t, so how did Gimli come into being??? He is the son of Gloin but apparently has no mother??? This will consume my mind for the next several hours…


  2. Gooo Girl says:

    Look behind Gloin.
    Fire and Ice… That’s nice.


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