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The world of Panem may soon no longer be confined to the pages of the Hunger Games trilogy. Don’t worry we’re not about to descend into some kind of dystopian future, but you will be able to visit it on vacation.

Rumors of plans for a Hunger Games theme park have begun. I know we live in an age of nearly constant stimulation, but have we gone too far? Aren’t the books, movies, and endless streams of merchandise enough?

I admit, I have mixed feelings on this one.

The fan-girl in me really wants this to exist…even if there’s something more than mildly barbaric about it.  I’m not proud of it, but I’m being honest.

Luckily the rational half is here to walk through what the reality of such a park would be.

There’s little doubt that a well-executed Hunger Games theme park would do insanely well. There’s just something wrong about replicating a post-war society ruled by an unjust and cruel regime and calling it a theme park.

Did any of you actually read the books? Because I think you (along with Cover Girl and their awesome but bizarre Capitol Collection line of makeup…true story) missed the point.

This is not a world that any one should want to recreate, in any way. Even if you barely paid attention to the books or first movie I think the “this is bad” message came through pretty clearly.

I am sure they’ll play up the glamorous Capitol side of things rather than the extreme poverty of the outlying districts, because few people want to go to a theme park that shines a light on poverty and repression. That just makes it worse.

I haven’t even mentioned the games themselves. Yes, a children’s theme park centered around an involuntary fight to the death where the participants themselves are children.  Great idea guys. We can sell t-shirts: I survived the Hunger Games…you should see the other guys.

On the other hand, parents should have no problem getting their children to behave. Can you think of any greater threat than the reaping?


Variety: Hunger Games Theme Parks Could be Coming

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    My Kid is a Champion at the Hunger Games….So Sorry About Yours…


    1. Stephanie says:

      That’s a bumper sticker if ever I’ve heard one. The merchandise practically writes itself..


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