…Think Outside the Box


Since its invention, the crossword puzzle was thought be the ultimate tool for keeping a sharp mind.  However, according to a new study from Texas University, that may not still be the case.

It seems the 60 and over crowd is just too good at these classic brainteasers.  As a result, the puzzles are no longer living up to their reputation.

So what will keep your mind well-oiled and quick-witted?

Well, the study found that digital photography was just challenging enough to be mentally stimulating.

So basically, you should learn how to use the latest version of a skill you probably already possess.

So if digital photography doesn’t sound like your cup of tea (or NY Times Sunday crossword), here are some other electronic updates you might consider:

  • Twitter – It’s like a digital Post-It note…that you share with millions of strangers
  •  Instagram – It’s like a photo album…that you share with millions of strangers.
  • Facebook – Twitter and Instagram combined.

And who knows, maybe some of your new skills will help you with some of those crossword clues.


More on the Story: Telegraph.com

…just for fun:

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  1. OMC says:

    G-momma says “Sudoku”…just saying…


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