…Have the Nerves


NLDSWith just minutes to go until the final game of the Cardinals vs. Pirates NLDS, it’s time for the best fans in baseball to do what we do best…freak out.

Every year, it seems, Cardinals fans find ourselves here, the last possible game of the series.

It doesn’t matter how well we played leading up to the postseason, our beloved Cardinals will drag out every series to the last possible game, be it game 5 or 7.

Not only that, but they’ll drag it out to the last pitch, and sometimes beyond that (or at least it feels like it).

I guess we can only complain so much.  After all, we do rather consistently make it to October, but one of these years it would be nice if I could keep some of my fingernails.

Let’s go Cards!!!

…In case, it gets too ugly, might I suggest checking out some of the more amusing Cardinal Twitter personalities — Torty Craig.  Here’s a sneak peek:


…just for fun:

One Comment Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    Torty ROCKS!!! Go Cards!


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