…Stay Alive



Today, the St. Louis Cardinals maintained their postseason reputation for nail-biter baseball.

Narrowly winning by a score of 2-1, the Cards managed to stay alive for another game.

This year, the eternal underdogs have a formidable “foe” in the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Bucs are this year’s unofficial Cinderella Story.

How that’s possible after only making it past the Wild Card round, I don’t know, but I’m no baseball analyst.

It would be upsetting, and maybe enough to start a bit of a rivalry…after all, the Cards and the Pirates were neck and neck for first for a good portion of the season…if it weren’t for one thing — the Pirate’s fans.

Now don’t take this the wrong way Pirate faithful, but you’re too nice.  Now don’t get me wrong, Cardinals fans are good people too.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been to Pittsburgh (and they really are that nice), but I’m pretty sure the fans at PNC Park were rooting for the Cardinals a few times during Sunday and today’s game.

True, the “Kelly” and “Wacha” chants might have been attempts at pitcher taunting…but it sure sounded a lot like a supportive chant.

Not that you need to sink to level of some major league fans (I’ll be good and not point my finger…but you know who you are), but maybe work on the taunting tone.  It’s important to really drag out that first syllable.  If you think you’ve held it for too long, then you still have five more seconds to go.

But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to practice…next year.  Go Cards!


More on the Story: Washington Post

…just for fun:

In honor of Wacha’s near no-hitter today –

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  1. Bets says:

    It was tough trying to work and keep up with the score….very excited that the Cardinals won!


  2. OMC says:

    if the Pirate fans and Cardinal fans got into a “taunt-down”, I think the winner would be global peace…


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