…look on the bright side


They say you can’t please everyone, and it turns out they (whoever they are) were right.

Some people can not be pleased.  The official term for them from the official study which revealed the prevailing negativity of this sorry lot is: those with negative attitudes.

The official hypothesis from the official study which revealed the still prevailing negativity of this still sorry lot is: “…individuals may differ in the dispositional tendency to have positive versus negative attitudes, a trait termed the Dispositional Attitude

The media’s colloquial interpretation of the results: Haters gonna hate.

Has a ring to it, right?

The point is that optimism isn’t the only temperament that can be eternal.

Personally I find this a little depressing, and my heartfelt sympathies go out to the terminal haters. Although if this study is correct that is probably just fueling your fire. So, I’ll send my utter indifference instead. Good luck with that.


Slate: Haters Are Gonna Hate, Study Confirms

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  1. OMC says:

    Also Known As life-suckers…


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