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2WC CinemaFor those who missed it, Friday marked the end of our 2013 Summer of Blockbusters (here’s the final review if you missed it: “Kick-Ass 2” ).  As our Summer of Blockbusters comes to a close, we thought we’d take a moment to look back. This summer had its highs and lows, but it also had its complete misses…as in we missed a few films.

What can we say, we’re only human, and with a summer packed full of big budget blockbusters, we can’t see them all.  Some are difficult decisions, others are a welcome relief.

Here lie the ones that got away:

Disney’s Planes: Both of us are suckers for a good animated film, but we’re not sure this one falls into that category.  Disney’s hi-jacked Pixar rip-off (which they had every right to, legally speaking) just didn’t seem appealing to us…end of story.

World War Z:  Okay, so this was a tough one.  On one hand, who doesn’t love a zombie apocalypse film.  On the other, this came out the same week as “Monsters University.”  It was a difficult decision, but in the battle of Monsters vs. Zombies, the Monsters won.

White House Down, After Earth, and 2 Guns: Yes, all of the testosterone-fueled explosion/sword movies are getting lumped together. If guys can do it with chick flicks I think it’s only fair we do the same. Ultimately, all of these came down to: There was something better to see that week.

The Heat: This one was a tough one actually, we still haven’t seen it and want to.  We’ve marked our displeasure at the lack of female superheroes before, and this was about as close as this summer came (except for Hit-Girl, but she was confined to a movie with an inferior heroes name in the title). Unfortunately they were no match for “Despicable Me 2.”  We love a good villain story.

R.I.P.D.Far be it from us to judge a movie by its trailer, but it seems to us that “MIB” told the same story with aliens, and “Dead Like Me” told it with Mandy Patinkin.  Also, we haven’t quite forgiven you for “Green Lantern” Mr. Reynolds.

The Hangover 3: 3 is all we have to say…3.

And on that note, we bid adieu to the films that just didn’t make the cut.  Be sure to check in next Sunday, when we’ll revisit the films we did see, and weigh in on the best and worst of the summer.


…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    R.I.P.D. – nicely summarized their box office results…


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