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selfieThere’s no doubt that social media is a wonderful tool. It’s made the world a smaller place, simplified tasks that were once complex, and generally changed the way we communicate with one another.

Having said that, these platforms do regularly highlight some less than desirable traits of humanity. 

Did the social media create narcissism, stupidity, and the inability to self-edit? No, but it did make sure that we encounter such things on a daily basis. Perhaps the worst by-product of this technology is the selfie.

Before I continue, let me define the selfie.  I’m not talking about those awkwardly (and by that I mean awesomely) framed pictures of you and your friends that you were forced to take yourself because there were no decent people around to offer to take it for you.

To be honest, it doesn’t bother me if you even occasionally share a solo shot of yourself. It’s the endless stream of mirror shots that cross the ego line. You know who you are. Seriously, how many poses can you strike in front of a mirror, and why do you think we want to see all of them?

Really, you’re limiting the potential of these platforms. Instagram and Facebook are capable of so much more than sharing your vanity parade with the world. Have you considered chronicling your culinary adventures?

I criticize because I care. And that is why I’m sharing this word of warning: According to a recent study (snuck that one in mid post) these egotistical offerings are doing you more harm than good.

Turns out sharing too many self-portraits of yourself online could affect your real life relationships.  Shocking, I know. Who would’ve thought that your “friends” wouldn’t enjoy seeing an endless parade of you posing in a mirror?

I know the girl with the blog has little ground to stand on here in the discussion about ego online, but I do pride myself in sharing a surprisingly low number of selfies.

Don’t get me wrong.  I take them. As resident photographer on most vacations I tend to be left out of group shots. So I take solo shots of myself throughout various destinations. I’ve posed with flamingos, Clydesdale horses, creepy statues, historic monuments, picturesque backdrops, and more. Let me tell you my collection of selfies is an epic tale of travel.  But it will never see the light of the Internet…sorry.

I share this tale as a source of hope for you selfie addicts. It’s important to have realistic expectations. No one expects you to go cold turkey (although we’d be cool with that).  Just remember, there is life beyond mirror posts on Facebook.


TIME: How Selfies Are Ruining Your Relationships

Buzzfeed: Famous Photos Turned Into Selfies

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    awesomely ironic blog photo today…thank you for not taking us down Wiener lane with this tale…


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