The international wait is over! The royal child has arrived and it’s a boy!   For those who haven’t heard already, 2WC is honored to be your news source on this story, however I’d personally recommend getting some kind of news app/service…there’s this thing called Twitter…

But your inability to efficiently consume headlines is not the topic at hand.  The conversation of the moment is the phenomenon that is the inexplicable, international interest in this birth.

So, why do people care? Well, personally, ever since they changed the law about girls being able to inherit the throne, even if they have a younger brother, I’ve kind of been hoping it’d be a girl…for the sake of history really.

Still, congratulations are in order, even if there’s nothing historically significant about the eldest child being a boy. Let the name game begin.

As for everyone else, it’s a little prince! How is that not exciting?

You can argue the relevance (economic or otherwise) of a royal family in the modern age, until you’re blue in the face. That will not kill the romance of it for the millions who’ve been following the live video stream of the announcement and participating in the rather meaningless, but nonetheless fun speculation that’s been going on.

You don’t have to be excited about it, but making the argument that being excited about a royal baby while war is waging, poverty enduring, and all the other bad things that are happening in the world is a losing battle. So suck it up, smile, and let the name game begin…do you think they’ll name him after William or go for something less traditional?…

…and because I care: for those who don’t care, here are some helpful tips for blocking royal baby news online:  Party Poopers Click Here.


CNN: It’s a Boy!

…bi-daily smile…

I assume this is what a royal upbringing will entail?

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