…Be Free


Happy 7/11! Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite convenience store promotional holiday.

Every year, one week after we celebrate our independence, we take a day to celebrate our freedom to drink Slurpees…for free.

This unofficial holiday has been celebrated by 7-Eleven’s and their devoted Slurpee fans since 2002, and this year their stepping up their game, or at least the sizes.

In fact, the small Slurpee has nearly doubled in size from a 7.11-ounce to a 12-ounce beverage. I’m sure that says something about our consumer culture, but I won’t spoil the fun with any commentary on that.

Much like the free Slurpee, this holiday has always been short and sweet. So those of you who haven’t already, enjoy your Slurpee. And to those who are in te middle of your city-wide 7-Eleven tour…good luck with the brain freeze.
More on the Story:USA Today
…just for fun:

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