Stars and stripes

Happy Independence Day!

I’m not a hugely patriotic person normally, still I can’t help but feel a little national pride on this the 4th of July.

Do we have our problems?  Yes. Does our political process and some of our leaders stuck in the mire of Washington politics need a huge reality check? Yes.

We’re not a perfect nation, but we are a proud one and always have been…for better or worse.

But today’s not really about bemoaning what needs to be fixed, but appreciating what works. It’s a day to honor our history and remember those who fought for the independence of the nation we know today.

Much like our present, our nation’s history is not perfection. There were great moments, yes, and dark ones too. The best we can do is honor the good, learn from the bad and aspire to be what those who came before us dreamed we could be. Perhaps it’s blind optimism, or the spirit of the holiday, but I have to believe that we can.

Okay, I’ve reached my existential, inspirational quota for the day.  Have a wonderful 4th of July! Be safe.


BuzzFeed: 27 Ways to be as American as Ron Swanson

…bi-daily smile…

No one can pull off an American metaphor like the Muppets:

If this doesn’t make you feel patriotic, I don’t know what will:

2 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    And we created the Muppets!!!


  2. Bets says:

    I hope the 2WC is wearing red, white & blue!


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