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Like it or not social networks (of the electronic persuasion) have become a central part of modern society.

You might argue the “social-ness” of  a community that resides entirely online, but it is what it is, and a new social network out there has embraced the somewhat anti-social aspect of social networks to help you avoid your “friends.”

Yes, there’s an app out there that uses Foursquare’s technology to actively avoid your “friends.”

The appropriately named Hell is Other People, informs you of safe zones and safe distances to avoid those you’d rather not see.

Is there a catch?  Of course, and that doesn’t even include the soul-killing that comes from using technology to avoid people.  

Catch 1: In order to avoid your “friends” you  have to follow them on Foursquare.

Catch 2: In order to avoid your “friends” you have to let them know where you are by checking in on Foursquare.

Of course you also have to assume that your “friends” are checking in on Foursquare too.

Talk about mixed messages: “I know I follow you on Foursquare, but that was really just so I can track your movements and avoid you entirely.”

My suggestion? Woman/Man up.  Awkward encounters have been around since the dawn of mankind. Deal with it the way the rest of us do, make vague excuses and alter your routine to actively avoid that person.


TIME: ‘Hell Is Other People’: An Anti-Social Network

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    Just say no…


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