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Social-Media-IconsSince its beginning social media has had its haters.

One of the biggest obstacles to social media acceptance — employers.

According to a recent survey conducted by Microsoft more than 30 percent of employers limit their employees’ access to social tools.

Which is even more upsetting when you consider that 50 percent of employees believer they would be more productive with social tools.

Why the disconnect?

Well, speaking in behalf of the employees, it’s due to a lack if communication and understanding.

Social media has a reputation for being a time-waster an procrastination encourager. And in some ways that’s true, but it’s evolved beyond that.

Besides too much control can lead to micromanaging and nobody likes that. Plus a healthy employee/employer relationship relies on trust.

So basically what in saying is, please just let us use Facebook (and Twitter). A social workplace is a happy workplace.
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  1. OMC says:

    As an employer, bottom line is trust and accountability. If the only thing I ever see on your screen is Facebook, we probably have a problem.


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