…(un)sweeten the deal

20130525-121922.jpgWe always knew that in the event of the perpetually impending apocalypse certain residents of this planet would out-live us all: duct tape, Styrofoam, and the odious cockroach.

All nemeses of our own creation ultimately leading to our own downfall, but that is a conversation for another time. We must deal with the threat at hand—the cockroach.

To be more specific—the mutant cockroach. Also of our own making, these super bugs have lost their taste for sugar, a key component of the cockroach trap.

They now perceive sweetness as bitter and avoid the traps altogether. This begs the questions: How did we let this happen? And, who’s learned to communicate with the roaches? They may be our only hope when the end times come.


TIME: Mutant Cockroaches Have Learned to Evade Sugar Traps

….and in other bug news: cicadas

…bi-daily smile…

Perhaps we can lure them with mice:

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  1. OMC says:

    The real key is transplanting the sugar is bitter gene into Americans to defeat the obesity epidemic!!! All hail, Lord Cockroach!


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