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2WC CinemaThe summer blockbuster season kicked off this weekend with the release of “Iron Man 3.”  And that can only mean one thing…this Friday kicks off 2WC’s Summer of Blockbusters.

As many of you know, and some of you may not, every summer, 2WC takes a break from the art house flicks and potential Academy Award nominees to appreciate the movies that make the money which makes the “artsy” films possible.

So, what movies will we be seeing this summer?  Why on earth would we ruin the surprise?  We detest spoilers.

Of course, there are some obvious choices.

If you’re a Marvel or DC production or take place in the final frontier (space…for any non-nerds reading this), you’re pretty much a shoe-in, but apart from that, we make no promises…unless it’s a Pixar movie, they’re a safe bet too.

Is our process biased?  Yes, of course it is.  We generally see movies that we want to see, which is why the disappointments hurt all the more (Green Lantern, we are talking to you).

Occasionally holes must be filled with less worthy (in our eyes) spectacles, but those movies do have a tendency to surprise us sometimes.  And that is the best part of the journey that is Summer Blockbuster season.  Anything can happen, here’s hoping it does.

…bi-daily smile…

Disclaimer: Appearance in this awesome summer movie trailer does not guarantee a 2WC review…apologies:

2 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    Vin, Rock – meet Oscar…


  2. I'm not made of iron, man. says:

    They may not win Oscars, but Oscar would go to watch them.


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