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I know 2WC is not always kind to the hipster. The concept of constant irony and like things only until everyone else does (did you ever really like them to begin with then, did you?) is exhausting at best and downright hypocritical at worst.  But, for the most part they’re harmless and mild-mannered (because enthusiasm is so 5 minutes ago) so I say let them be.

Well, now they’re being targeted for their trend-setting powers and I cannot sit idly by.  The Roman Catholic Church (the diocese of Brooklyn to be exact) is preying on their constant search for ironic interests.  The diocese has started a campaign that features the feet of Jesus sporting Chuck Taylor sneakers.  The poster reads: The Original Hipster.

Was he?  Really?

I know Jesus was a radical for his time, went against the status quo, and turned water into wine way before it was cool, but I feel like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, not to mention the entire Old Testament, might have a few things to say about calling him “The Original Hipster.”

I’m also certain the original hipster probably came to be more than 2,000 years ago. But that’s neither here nor there when you consider what the diocese of Brooklyn has failed to realize.

The hipsters may come, but their presence will be short-lived.  For where there are hipsters there are wannabes not far behind.  The hipsters will move on, and what will you be left with?  Irony.

Also guys, the Chuck Taylors are simply historically inaccurate, and a little desperate.


TIME: Was Jesus the Original Hipster?

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