…stop holding out for a hero

Today’s blog is a tough one.  I’ve written about girl power and equality on here before, but today’s topic stings a bit more than usual.

I don’t enjoy having to write about this. In a perfect world, this conversation would be unnecessary and the shirt to the left would not have even been considered.

On its own, it’s not particularly offensive.  It’s cute and features recognizable characters with a well-known song lyric.  It’s clever.

But I haven’t yet mentioned that there’s a boys’ version of this shirt.  Want to guess what it says?

Be A Hero.

For shame Marvel, for shame.

There’s nothing wrong with needing a hero, we all could use one from time to time.  It happens.  I can not tell you the number of times I’ve found myself held hostage by an evil mastermind and thought, “What could be keeping Superman?”

(I know Superman is DC, please withhold those comments)

But boys need heroes too, and girls can be them.  I should not have to forfeit a more flattering cut in order to proclaim my ability to be a hero and no boy should have cram themselves into an hourglass to request the aid of one…unless it’s a more flattering cut for them too.

Marvel, you’re better than this, or you should be.  You know girls see your movies and read your comics.  Do you really think they’re idolizing the girl who can’t seem to avoid being hurled off buildings or captured by the enemy or otherwise put in harm’s way. Seriously you think she would learn.

Your fangirls are just as inspired by these heroes as your fanboys and equally inspired by your female super heroes, which you have.

The notion of the damsel in distress has no place in modern society.  Besides, every modern girl knows that fairy godmothers and princes are the only way to get things done. Stay strong girls, stay strong.


Huffington Post: Sexist ‘Avengers’ T Shirts Tell Boys to Be Heroes and Girls to Need a Hero

…bi-daily smile…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Junk E. says:

    I need a heroine?


    1. Stephanie says:

      …or be a heroine.


  2. Makesu Tink says:

    Pretty Woman (1990) : “She Saved Him Right Back”
    What is Superman without someone to save? Just a buff dude in tights?


  3. OMC says:

    One Wonders How These Things Get Past ‘committee’ …


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