…celebrate good times

...one singular sensation...thank youI’d like to think there are many advantages to being a reader of 2WC.  You get insights, opinions, and reviews of film, television, theater, and the general happenings of this crazy planet.  

Basically, by arriving at this blog you have a whole lot of things going for you (all paired with a heaping dose of humility).

But, believe it or not, that’s not where the benefits end.  You see most multi-authored blogs have authors with different days of birth.

Not 2WC, here at 2WC we pride ourselves on having arrived in this mortal realm on precisely the same day…we’re twins…for those who don’t know…it’s on our About the Crusade page

And as the elder half of 2WC I pride myself on having arrived a full 60 seconds ahead of Zer…narrowly escaping the middle child syndrome and instead being blessed with all the advantages of being the eldest child…

As a reader of the 2WC, that means you only have to deal with one birthday blog a year.  That blog is today: It’s our birthday!!!

And that is all folks.  My birthday present to you is a whole lot of bi-daily smiles…enjoy 🙂


…bi-daily smiles…

Because, it’s my birthday and I’ll share what I want to 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    Happy Birthday to the 2WC – my favorite twin bloggers in the whole blogosphere!


  2. Bets says:

    Happy Birthday to you Happy Hirthday to you HappyBbirthday Dear Steph and Zer Happy Birthday to You!


  3. Crusaders with unusual similarities says:

    What makes today different then all other days? I got nothing.


  4. Beatles with Unusual Popularity says:

    Today’s your birthday. Hope your gonna have a good time!
    Happy Birthday.


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