…Shut the Door

white house
Today marks the first day of the shuttering of America’s Buckingham Palace— the White House.

The First Family isn’t being kicked to the curb, but the rest of the country is being locked out. As part of the recent budget cuts, yesterday saw the last public guided tour of the White House.

This cutback is hopefully only temporary, but it does beg the question—really?

How much were you paying the tour guides?

This sounds suspiciously like an excuse to keep the tourists out of the drawing room.

Not that I blame you, it can’t be fun having to plan your hallway strolls around the tour schedules. And I’m sure it can’t be fun having all those dirty shoes tracking God knows what all over your carpets, but you kind of signed up for this.

So suck it up and let us back in.

More on the Story: Washington Post

…just for fun:

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  1. OMC says:

    In order to accommodate ‘the people’ and be sensitive to budget realities, tours will reopen but all guests will be expected to bring a dish for sharing. Hint: it better be healthy or the First Lady will make you run laps…


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