…rest your eyes

...sure they're great for 3D...but what about near-sightedness?

With the Oscars behind us, it’s nearly time for summer blockbuster season.  That’s right you’ll soon be able to restock your collection of 3D glasses.

True, the last couple of Oscar seasons have featured a 3D giant or 2, but nothing captures the magic of 3D like Thor’s hammer flying out of the screen at you.

Let the anticipation begin.  In just a few short days…yes, the summer blockbuster season now starts in March…the explosions, the action sequences, and the 3D induced nausea will begin.

At least for 11 percent of us, that is.  For 55 percent of us we’ll leave that theater with the thrill of a summer blockbuster and some physical complaint that we attribute to 3D technology.

If only there were some way to curb these discomforts, some kind of technology that allowed us to enjoy our film sans vomit bag, some kind of entertainment that did not require premedication with ibuprofen…

Perhaps someday…until then take comfort from these words of advice: If 3D movies make you dizzy, nauseous, and/or cause you physical pain, see the movie in 2D.  Because at the end of the film it really doesn’t matter how many superheroes fly off the screen in your direction as long as you remembered to enjoy the show.


NBC News: 3-D Movies Leave Many Feeling Sick

…bi-daily smile…

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