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grammy nominees

Another Sunday, another detour from our month of movies.

This week we’re going to the Grammys (not literally).

Tonight is music’s big night, and since film and music have always had a strong and close relationship, this seems like an acceptable detour.

Don’t worry, we won’t be making predictions for tonight’s top awards (Taylor Swift?).  However, we would like to address (or “a dress”) one particular facet of tonight’s awards—the dress code.

As you can imagine, and as is usually the case, the guidelines put out by CBS are far more restrictive for women.  Any men who feel like showing a little too much cleavage, feel free.

You want results CBS? You need more than a list dress restrictions to lord over these musical superstars. Might we suggest the threat of being greeted at the red carpet by their high school vice principal armed with a ruler, safety pins, and the ugliest sweatshirt you can possibly imagine…should they violate the dress code, of course.

Or you could go with the ultimate threat—no camera time.

After all, what’s the point if no one will even be offended by it?


Washington Post: CBS Grammy Awards dress code won’t wreck your Grammy-viewing fun

…bi-daily smile…

One Comment Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    With this simple step, America’s most watched network has made Grammy night family-friendly. How easy was that?


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