…keep your hands to yourself

blue-and-white-floral-tissue-box-cover-4112727509In case you haven’t noticed we are in the middle of a flu season that is nothing to sniff at.  And if you happen to be sniffing I suggest you get yourself far away from the still healthy among us before the random Lysol assaults begin…and they will.

In such times when cities are declaring epidemics and germs are spreading at a rampant pace it seems like a good time to freshen up on the basics of staying disease free.

First step, be afraid, be very afraid.  Germs lurk around every corner (and probably all over it to).  Every surface could be your last before drifting into the haze of influenza wrought illness.

That means public spaces especially.  You don’t know where that door handle’s been (other than right where it is), why would you touch it? Better grab a paper towel to pull the door open, and we’d hate to infect ourselves by venturing too near a trash can, so let’s just drop it on the floor, someone will pick it up.  Their immune system can take it.

Now, run back to the safety of your bubble.

Just remember this: Fear. Fear will keep you healthy.

In all seriousness: wash your hands…and using your phone in the restroom is gross.


NBC News: What Not to Touch to Avoid Disease Causing Germs

…bi-daily smile…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    Stay three feet away from others – five feet from the atomic sneezers. Wear gloves, but change them every five minutes. Don”t breathe air that other people have already breathed. Pray…


  2. L. Armstrong says:

    Public Service Announcement: Toads (and frogs) do not cause the flu or warts. Princesses are given the green light to kiss away and handle with impunity.
    Warts are, in fact, transmitted by witches.
    First place in the Tour de France is transmitted by PEDs.


  3. I. M. Stalling says:

    My phone gets great reception in the metallic bathroom stall.


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