…Not Sell Short


hobbitWith a week to go until the next installment of 2WC’s Les Mis countdown.  I though I’d take a moment to nerd-out over another film about to hit theaters—The Hobbit.

After recovering from shock that “The Hobbit” will be chopped into not two but three films, I’ve decided to be excited about this possibly bloated film series based on the beloved J.R.R. Tolkien novel.

Okay, so the first film is nearly three hours long. And with two more movies to go and less than 300 pages to work with, it does make a few Tolkien fans more than a little nervous.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited about “The Hobbit” films, just a little cautious. Seriously, three films?

But how bad can it be? After all, Peter Jackson is directing. Plus, Stephen Colbert announced a “Hobbit Week” on “The Colbert Report” and has a cameo appearance in one of the films.

As long as we don’t fall asleep half way through the first film, we should be good. Right?

More on the Story: “‘The Hobbit’ is not a hipster”, “Stephen Colbert’s ‘Hobbit Week'”

…just for fun:

2 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    Hobbit + Colbert = Awesome!!!


  2. Bets says:

    I need to read the book first….I attempted to read The Hobbit previously and will try again before I see the movie.


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