…haul out the holly

…Rudolph made us do it…

It’s the final weekend before Thanksgiving, and the annual Christmas debate is in full swing.  Everyone seems to be complaining or commenting on the same question—How early is too early?…for holiday decorations.

For the sake of full disclosure: our Christmas tree went up yesterday.  And for the sake of even fuller disclosure: Bing Crosby is crooning in the background while this is being written.

Yes, we’re “those” people.

In our defense once you’ve seen Mickey Mouse and Santa Claus ride down Michigan Avenue lighting up the holiday lights it’s hard to not go home and throw garland and twinkling lights on anything that will hold them.

But at the same time, we get it.  Thanksgiving deserves its chance to shine, and with holiday lights going up the week before Halloween, it becomes more invisible with each passing year.  Or does it?

In a way it’s accomplished the impossible, it has avoided the horrible commercialization fate that has befallen Christmas and even Halloween.

Can you imagine the horror of changing your holiday decor for three straight months? Putting away the plastic jack-o-lanterns, just to haul out the parade of Pilgrims, followed by the marching penguins and other assorted North Pole creatures. It sounds exhausting.

So, next time you get up on your soap box to protest the juggernaut that the holidays have become, take a moment and be thankful.  It could be worse.


…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    don’t worry – the styrofoam and construction paper Pilgrims will be making their annual appearance…I knew the styrofoam would last, but kudos to you, construction paper, for your 20 years of decorating service…


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