Since the beginning of time man (and woman) has changed as a species, whether you believe that in the scientific sense or the emotional sense you can’t deny that we as a species are constantly changing.

You can however apparently deny scientific fact, but I’m getting off topic. Point is, nature is change and we as a species are no exception, it’s true in science, and it’s true in politics.

Here in the U.S. we as a political society have evolved, for better or worse, to where we are today, and this past Tuesday in Georgia this evolution was highlighted most appropriately by the nearly 4,000 write-in congressional votes placed for Charles Darwin.

Of course as evolved as we may be I don’t believe we’ve learned to raise the dead yet, creating a small hiccup in this political plan, that and Darwin still lost by 205,000 votes to the otherwise unopposed Rep. Paul Broun.

Did I mention Rep. Broun is anti-evolution? This of course displaying yet another aspect of the evolution of humanity–humor. Bravo nearly 4,000 Georgians. Bravo.


Slate: Charles Darwin Got 4,000 Votes in Georgia

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    I’m pretty impressed that 4,000 Americans, let alone Georgians, knew that was funny. Without a smartphone to look it up, that means these folks either actually knew it or remembered it from looking it up before heading into the polls…Well played, Georgia, well played…


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