…quit while you’re ahead

…seriously…it’s never going to end…

Today I have some good news and I have some bad news.  In the spirit of positive thinking, I’ll start with the good:

There are some fairly strong rumors that the “Twilight Saga” will extend beyond the (already extended) final chapter.

Now for the bad news:

Okay, it’s the same news I just didn’t want to alienate the Twi-Hards.

Also, I admit, I have a bit of a split-personality when it comes to Twilight.  I want to have it and everything it stands for, but I can’t.  The teenage girl in me won’t let me completely discount it.

So although I (and 2WC) mock the franchise and its film and vampire story faux pas on a fairly regular basis, a part of me loves it for all of its sappy, cheesy awfulness.

For the record (and I can’t stress this enough): No part of me likes the way the series ends…see previous comment.

Yet, both halves of my Twilight opinion think this franchise needs to die…I mean reach its completion.  I love it for what it is (when I’m not being completely repulsed by it of course), but it’s time to move on guys.

Let this series pass into the echelon of movie history, where it will have its place.  No comment on the exact location, but it will be there…in the past.

We don’t need a TV show, another movie, another series, or anything of the kind.  Although if anyone is working on a Broadway musical (which I’m sure someone is). Yes please! It’s such a horrible idea that it can’t possibly be anything but awesome.


TIME: Why Twilight Won’t End With Breaking Dawn (Even Though It Should)

…bi-daily smile…

…no more please…


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