…put three rings on it

Here at 2WC we pride ourselves on acknowledging the political arena, staying up to date on the political arena, but avoiding our actual opinions.

Beyond strong implication (in past blogs) and mild to moderate allusion (in recently live-tweeted debates), we try to avoid picking a side in political battles on this blog.

Which is why I (on behalf 2WC) will not be commenting on certain ill-chosen words from one of the candidates.

I will not come up with an insanely clever (and borrowed) title that alludes to said ill-chosen words (and Beyonce).

I will not mention any office supplies of the tri-ringed nature.

I will most definitely not mention the fact that this candidate did not only create an Internet craze for his opponent’s faithful (on Tumblr and Twitter), but also failed to answer the actual question.

I just hope those binders are as elastic as those flexible work hours a non-specific candidate allows his female employees so that they can go home and make dinner for their families, because women everywhere will be adding their two cents for a long time to come…or at least until the next political meme takes control.

“Candidates Tangle in Fractious Debate”: WSJ

A random and not specifically chosen clip from last night’s debate…the question was about equal pay for women:

…bi-daily smile…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    I thought everyone kept a binder full of women’s profiles…kind of creepy, Mr. Romney…


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