…go on with the show

There’s something to be said for being able to suck it up and go on with the show, but teen heart-throb Justin Bieber may have taken it a bit far this weekend when he emptied the contents of his stomach on stage and then continued with the show.

The Bieb’s, he just cares so much.

Still, Justin Bieber’s not the only one acting crazy when it comes to dealing with illness in the workplace.

True, for the majority abandoning our  work in the pursuit of health doesn’t involve disappointing thousands of fans, but nonetheless most of us are reluctant to skip it when we’re ill.

But is it really our fault, I mean what kind of example is being set for us.  If Justin Bieber can push on through another chorus then why can’t we persevere at the office?

Bravely disregarding our own health (and that of our co-workers/band, dancers, crew, back-up singers, I could go on Mr. Bieber) for the good of the company is simply a sacrifice we must make.

So next time you find yourself under the weather, just ask yourself one question: What would Justin Bieber do?  Then go on with the show.


“Justin Bieber is Not a Role Model: Go Home if You’re Sick”: MSNBC

…bi-daily smile…


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  1. WWJD has a whole new meaning for me now – I guess March 1st babies are just naturally tough…Opie…

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