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…just get us some capes…

Welcome Spice Girl fans.  This is not a Spice Girl post, but you should stick around anyway, or at least check out some of our posts that are in fact Spice Girl related (we have those too): here and here.  For those sticking around, welcome to Flick Friday.

Once again, no review this week, but don’t worry I’ll keep it interesting.  Now that the summer of blockbusters has come to an end, we are once again faced with the role of women in superhero films.

While this summer may have been mediocre across the board, one thing I can say for it is the female representation in the super hero movies improved significantly.

Scarlett Johanssen as the Black Widow, Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey (not technically a superhero…yet, but she’s a far cry from Mary Jane Watson…in a good way). I’ll even throw Pixar a bone and give them props for “Brave.”

It was a good summer for strong female characters.  No damsels in distress, no dominatrices (who weren’t using their powers for good), no predictable witches, it was refreshing. Also, nice try Snow White…so close.

Now we’d like a decent title role please.  It’s great that you’ve come around to not making all women featured in superhero films blithering idiots.  Where’s our franchise?

Need suggestions?  Hint. Hint. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge. Look up and to the left.  I think it has a nice ring to it.  2WC–movie critics/social commentators by day, enforcers of common sense justice by night.  It writes itself. We’re excepting offers.


Like this article, appreciate the sentiment, but at the end of the day it is written by a guy.  Still you should check it out:

“Where Are All the Good Female Superhero Movies”: TIME

…bi-daily smile…

Okay, here you go:


3 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    Mary Kate and Ashley I assume…


    1. Stephanie says:

      Of course, they are the only other twins aren’t they?


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