…labor under a misapprehension

…does it come in pink?

Happy Labor Day to one and all!

Labor Day is a national holiday that not only gives us one last glorious summer day off, but also celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers, many of whom are still working today.

In honor of the day I thought I’d take a moment to acknowledge a recent contribution to the working world, courtesy of BIC and their groundbreaking new product: Pens for Her…


Dear Good Sirs,

Greetings and salutations from the ladies of the world.  We write to you this day because, thanks to your brilliantly marketed “Pens for Her”, we are now able to put pink, purple, and other assorted femininely colored pens to paper, which is still hopelessly masculine (could you work on that?), and properly tell you what we think of you.

For so long we have labored to appropriately catalog our thoughts on life, as much as those thoughts pertain to sewing, cooking, cleaning, etiquette, gardening, and other activities of a suitably dainty nature.  Dictation was always an option, but who has the time and the man power for that?

Of course, when confiding our deepest darkest secrets in our diaries, after weeping over the latest heartbreak or broken nail, we’ve been able to make do with ornately dressed pens, complete with fluffy, sparkly pink pom-poms, and there’s usually an appropriately ladylike quill lying around. Yet, in a world full of writing tools so blatantly marketed towards men, where was a poor girl to turn?

You saw our endless struggle and you took up the call.  All of that battling for equality throughout (far too recent) history and even still today–the fight for women’s rights, suffrage, equal pay, and equal say in other things–It’s all been a cry for help, a cry for something more, a cry for lady pens.

No more must we suffer through the indecency, and indignity of pens made for man hands.  No longer must we grapple with those blandly colored instruments.  We’ve seen the light and it’s pastel with a rubber grip!  Thank you.


Ladies of the World

(Feminine Fingers Unite!)


“Bic ‘Lady Pens’ Unleash Amazon Snarkfest”: Washington Post Blog

Amazon Reviews

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    and yet, they will sell…


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