Every now and then a show comes along that defies convention, so much so that those of us that watch then have to beg our friends (and anyone who will listen) to watch it insisting that it’s not “weird” it’s brilliant–praise that ultimately falls on deaf ears.

Thus is the burden of the Whovians, who must then resort to physically sitting people down and force-feeding them this brilliant reincarnation of a show that’s been around since the 60’s.  For anyone still lost, I am referring to the mother of all Time Lord shows “Doctor Who.”

Who’s “Doctor Who,” you very aptly (and redundantly) might ask?  That is the question of the moment as this evening the show returns for Series 7 (since it’s relaunch in 2005…it’s a Timey Wimey thing, for full series explanation check out IMDB).

A show about time-travelling, yes it’s a huge dork-fest and it’s fabulous.  There’s time and space travel.  One week you’re visiting with Agatha Christie the next week new worlds are being discovered and probably saved.  It’s sci-fi with brilliant writing.

For those of you who have not lost a week or so diving into the world of “Doctor Who” (thank goodness for Netflix), which given 2WC’s utter failure in getting any of our friends to watch this show is most of you, here’s a brief explanation of what you’re missing out on.

“Doctor Who” in a Nutshell

Key terms:

  • The Doctor: Just the Doctor.  He’s a Time Lord, the last of his kind, an alien race that sees over the time vortex and the laws of time travel.  Although he is known to break a few of them himself. He’s kind of immortal.  He doesn’t die, he regenerates, and is now on his eleventh self–he’s kind of really old.  He’s kind of like a time travelling Peter Pan.
  • The TARDIS: It’s a time machine.  It’s alive. It looks like a police box and sounds like a…well…it sounds like a TARDIS. Plus, it’s bigger on the inside.
  • Sonic Screwdriver:  The Doctor’s weapon and tool of choice.  It does just about everything, except work on wood.  It just doesn’t.
  • Time Stream: It’s your own personal timeline (no, not like on Facebook).  Those travelling with the Doctor may move back and forth in time and space, but your time stream always moves forward.  That’s just the way it works.
  • The Daleks: An alien race set on destroying everything non-Dalek and sworn enemy of the Doctor.  Basically they live to kill…or should I say…exterminate.
  • Companion: The Doctor wouldn’t be the Doctor without his companion.  There’s long line of women (and Rory, the lone man co-companion) who have traveled with the Doctor, and each one of them is more fabulous than the next. Everyone has their favorite (Donna), but whether you’re a fan of Sarah Jane, Rose, Martha, Donna, or Amy, you have to admit that the strength of these women make the show.

With that I leave you with one final testimony.  Yes, “Doctor Who” may be completely dorky, nerdy, corny, and otherwise random, but it’s also a great story.  Check it out. You won’t be sorry, and to those who already know of its brilliance enjoy the premiere in a few short hours.

See you all tomorrow for our Summer Blockbuster wrap-up, enjoy the holiday weekend!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. OMC says:

    You are dorks…loveable, but dorks…


    1. Stephanie says:

      We prefer the term nerds 😉


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