…Stick With It

In the never ending battle between children and fruits and veggies, many tactics have been used. Aerial reinforcements have been brought in, lines have been drawn and even the occasional choo choo train has been known to make an appearance.

Yet, with a few exceptions, the barricade set up by kids through out the ages remains impenetrable.

Until now.

A recent study showed that kids are more likely to choose the healthier food option if it has a sticker with a well known character (Let’s say, Elmo) on it. This is assuming that the unhealthy option doesn’t have a cooler cartoon character (SpongeBob beats Elmo every time) on it.

Some might point out that this tactic has been proven for years (cough…Ronald…cough…McDonald), but obviously they don’t understand the power of scientific research.

So here’s to fighting fire with fire, even if the other side has a head start.
More on the Story: NBCNews.com

…just for fun:

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  1. OMC says:

    would a big fan of “Veggie-tales” not be at best confused and at worst traumatized by the thought of eating one of the characters??? wait a minute – animal crackers would somewhat refute that thought, wouldn’t they? I think we should just pass a law…


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