…Reach Out

Facebook stalkers, good news, your jobs just got easier.

How could that possibly be? You might ask.

Well, imagine a world where not only can you find out at that so and so had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch; and that what’s her name got so wasted last night (complete with life ruining photos), but now you can also find out if they’re close by.

The cleverly named “find friends nearby” app allows you to find Facebook users who are, well, nearby.

Did I lose you? Let me explain. Beyond your computer screen lies this magical place called the real world.

No, not the MTV reality show. This place is much more vast, and in it exists the 3D versions of the profiles you see on Facebook.

Now sometimes these 3D profiles, let’s call them people (or “friends”), venture away from their computer screens and into the same general area of the real world which you exist in. When this happens, these people are what is refered to as, nearby. Making them “friends” nearby (and we’ve come full circle).

Now I know it sounds scary, but don’t worry, you can bring your smartphone…there’s an app for that.

More on the Story: TechCrunch

…just for fun:

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