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…is it just me or is it leaning to the left?

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s an election year. So while 2WC tries to exist entirely outside of the political arena, it sometimes requires a crusade or two. Today’s takes place not only in the political arena but on the field of commerce.

You don’t have to follow politics to know that Democrats and Republicans do not often see eye to eye. But it seems (according to a recent study of course) that they quite often disagree on more than politics.

There is a clear division in consumer habits that seems to be determined by political party affiliation (was that PC enough for you?). In other words brand loyalty obeys party lines, for a lot of products.

For instance, while the Democrats enjoy their morning Starbucks, the GOP gotta have their Dunkin’ Donuts fix. I have to side with the Dem’s on this one, it’s just better coffee.

However the Grand Old Party clearly has better taste in fast food–choosing Subway as opposed to the Democrats’ preference for Wendy’s. What can I say? I’m an Independent.

They do agree on some things though. Most notably, Coca Cola over Pepsi. It’s official, Coke must be the superior product–both parties can’t possibly be wrong. Right?


“Red and Blue Brands: How Democrats and Republicans Shop”: TIME

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. OMC says:

    While I now have a coke/soda about as often as we have Presidential elections, never has my childhood upbringing in a Pepsi family made me prouder…”what flavor of coke do you want? Pepsi – sure…”


  2. Kevin, from The Wonder Years, says:

    I’ve always wondered did the Chicagoan inspired SNL CheezBurga joint have,” No Coke,….Pepsi” because they were out of Coke or because they sold no Coke. God knows those boys used a lot of coke.


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